6 Abs Exercises that will help you get 6 Pack Abs

Athletes all around the world always look towards core strengthening exercises to improve their level of overall fitness. Getting a 6 pack ab is not the easiest thing to achieve, the amount of hard work that you need to put in to get a 6 pack abs is not same for everyone. It all depends on the genes of the individual. One of the most effective ways to lose fat fast is to do circuit training for abs exercises.  The following exercises are some of the most effective ways to get a six pack ab fast.

Wheel Rollouts for Abs

To do this exercise you have to be kneeling down on the ground while holding an abs wheel under your shoulders. Tighten the abs area and roll the wheel away from your body till the tension in the core starts to decrease. Once you feel that you need to roll back to the starting position. It is important to remember to do these exercises in perfect form. Reps and the sets should depend on your stamina.

High Arm Partial Sit Ups

You need to be lying down on your back with your knees bent at ninety degrees. From there on you need to put the arms straight pointing up. Your arms should be in that position till the end. You have to do a half sit up and then regain your previous form. This is one repetition.

Barbell Rollouts

You need to put two ten pound plates on either side of the bar and then kneel down on the ground behind it. You should place your shoulders over the bar. Tighten the abs and then roll it in the forward direction. Until you get the feeling of your hips sagging. Once you get that feeling you need to roll back. To the previous position.

Barbell Russian Twists

Grab the end part of the bar with both of your hands and stand with your feet wide apart round about the width of your shoulders. From there on you need to be swinging the bar in the left. You can pivot your feet as per your comfort. You need to repeat the same movements this time towards your right.

Crunches on Swiss Ball

Lie on your back on top of the ball with your feet wide apart. The width of your feet should be round about the width of your shoulders. The ball should support the lower back region. Your hands should be behind your head with your chin tucked in. Then you need to curl the body up to a like a sit up and then go back to the original position.

Leg Rise and Leg Dip Combo

For this you need a parallel bar. You should begin by suspending your body over the bars at the dip station. With your knees marginally bent your legs need to be raised at the front of the body so that your legs are paralleled to the floor. It will definitely help you get well sculpted abs.

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